600 days – A Professional Journey

Today marks the 600th day of the last entry published on this blog, and I decided to celebrate this momentous occasion (!!) by doing some serious housekeeping, starting with the big, thick layer of cyber dust that covers this blog, and updating my readership on what I have been up to for the past year and a half. Continue reading


Baby Comeback!

For months now, I’ve been looking at the perfect date to start blogging again. I’ve had these great ideas for blog posts – a Spring Cleaning post, a post marking X number of days since my last post, a brief summary of what I’ve been up to since my last entry – but inevitably, all these creative ideas would come to me while I was doing something else. Then, when I had time to finally revisit a particular idea, I would start doing further planning, but no writing. And this process will cause what I learned is called “analysis paralysis”.

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Maiden voyage

The idea of starting my own translation blog came at the beginning of the year, while the workload was still light. I have been a freelancer long enough to know these low tides are normal and I tend to take advantage of the free time to recharge, focus on administrative work, advertising, etc. However, this January was different because I began researching social media as a means to interact with other colleagues.

I took a webinar presented by Fabio M. Said, author of the wonderful blog Fidus Interpres, and I was definitely sold on the idea of starting a translation blog to share my own experiences as a freelance translator and as a way to exchange ideas with other colleagues and like-minded individuals.

For those of us who don’t share a workplace, having the ability to communicate with others through social media is almost the equivalent of the office coffee break or the water cooler chat. It also keeps you connected and promotes a sense of community with other translators.

I believe technology has allowed us to share our own uniqueness and become a part of a global community like never before. Through this blog I would like to offer meaningful insights about the profession of translation and I hope my readers enjoy reading the posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

Weigh anchor!