Shift Happens

It all started almost three months ago. I had to cut two hours of my business day because our nanny had to leave a couple of hours early each day, due to personal circumstances. No big deal —I thought— I’ll just have to readjust a little, maybe take only one break in the morning, cut the tweeting breaks, and definitely leave the mini-workout sessions for the evening. I will admit I was a bit nervous —after all, we’re talking about 10 hours less of work per week— but it all seemed to work for a couple of weeks. Continue reading


I’m a translator. ASK ME HOW!

Sometimes I feel as though I’m wearing this pin.

I absolutely love being a translator, translating, and anything that has to do with languages, books… you get the idea. Like any professional translator, I am very proud of my collection of dictionaries –whether in print or electronic form—, which I’m always looking to expand. Although some of my readers/colleagues would disagree, I am also fond of my CAT tool, as well as other software I use for QA; Continue reading

Translation business lessons from a remodeling project

Masonry and translationAbout two years ago, my husband and I decided to remodel our Master bedroom’s bathroom. As we already had a design in mind, we started by searching for the perfect materials. We ended up choosing some really wonderful tiles and glass mosaics from a well-known, high-end Spanish retailer. Next, we started looking for the contractor who would carry out the project.

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¿No querías ahorrarte unos centavos en el proyecto?

Masonry and translationHace unos dos años mi esposo y yo decidimos remodelar el baño de la habitación principal de la casa. Como ya teníamos pensado el diseño, emprendimos la búsqueda de los materiales perfectos. Nos decidimos por unas baldosas y mosaicos de vidrio espectaculares de una tienda española muy conocida (y costosa). Acto seguido, comenzamos a buscar a quién encargaríamos la obra.

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En forma para traducir

La autora en Shark Valley, Florida, en 2009

¿Por qué será que siempre encontramos el tiempo para aceptar ese trabajo de dos mil palabras para mañana aunque ya tengamos otras cinco mil por entregar, pero es imposible encontrar 30 minutos en un día para ejercitarnos?

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Notes from the 2013 IMIA International Conference

SONY DSCThis past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the conference of the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA), which was held for the first time outside Boston. Luckily for me, the chosen venue was the Miami Beach Convention Center, so without hesitation, and although I am not a member of IMIA, I seized the opportunity to participate in this important event.

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